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Alexander Blechinger, born in Vienna in 1956. 1961 first contact with the piano. 1970 first composition for his own rock music group.


1975-85 studied music at the University of Music in Vienna: musical composition, composition, instrumentation, film music, musical composition according to H. Schenker, percussion, conducting with Kubizek, Cerha, Dürr, Berger, Ozmec, Kont, Eibner, Suitner and Goerz. 1978: First radio appearance.


1982: Harmonia Classica (then Harmonia Nova) was founded.


1983: Classic debut in Wr. Concert hall with love songs op. 14. 1983-85 film music for the animated film “Tao-Tao”. 1987: Premiere of “Song of Constitution” in the Gr. Musikvereinssaal Vienna.


1988: Partial premiere of “Simä”, the first opera in the Gr. KH Hall Vienna.


1989: Premiere of “Ins Face of Oppression”, a critical satirical oratorio about the cultural sector with various reviews in Krone, Standard, Furche and others.


1990: Television recording of “Anima” as part of the European Music Festival in Gr. KH Hall Vienna and conductor’s debut in the Gr. Musikvereinssaal with Angelika Kirchschlager and premiere of the ballet music “Orpheus Now” Gr. Orchestra, electric guitar and drums.


1992: Concert premiere of the 2nd opera “Die Böse 7” in the Gr. Konzerthaussaal Vienna, Theodor Körner Prize for this work and sports musical “Deep Inside” 100 years of ASKÖ.


1994: Concert by Wr. Economy in large Musikvereinssaal Vienna, premiere of the 2nd horn concert with the NÖ Tonkunstlers and “Max & Moritz Last Streich” children’s sound. 1995: “Hellbrunniade” 25 years of festival in Hellbrunn.


1997: Bassoon Concerto New Hampshire Music Festival, USA, Wr. Music club and Kyiv.


1998: Trumpet Concert New Hampshire Music Festival, USA. 2000: “2001-A Space Overture” New Hampshire Music Festival and premiere of “La Fuerza Flamenca” at the Teatro Cervantes, Malaga, Spain.


2001: Premiere of “The Expellees” the German expellees in the group. Music club hall.


2002: Space Suite New Hampshire Music Festival.


2004: “The Sudeten Germans commemorate 1919 March”.


2006: Sudent German Culture Prize for Music.


2008 + 2009: Performances of the opera “Max & Moritz” in St. Margarethen.


2010 + 2011: Various performances of works at concerts in the Wr. Festival weeks, in the music society, at the ÖGZM, INÖK, at the East-West Music Festival, at the Austrian. Writers' Association, etc. So far there are 5 LPs and 46 CDs.


Academy Mentor


Alexander Blechinger


Alexander is a Vienna-based composer, conductor, tenor, and music teacher.


In 1982 Blechinger founded Harmonia Classica, an organization devoted to the performance of contemporary tonal music and competitions for composers. He has managed to achieve success in a country where the state unilaterally favors modernist culture, and one of the key strategies to this has been hosting competitions. His passion and motto is to support New Beautiful Music.


Composition, instrumentation, counterpoint, harmony, fundamentals of music. Mindset: What is harmony, what is music beautiful new music as opposed to A-music and anti-music.



Artistic director of Harmonia Classica:

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