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Sacred Music

We want to sing a new joyful song to the Lord, because He did great wonders for us! This song must be our most beautiful prayer, our most dear and most pleasing anthem.

Sacred Music is made both as a humble communal or solitary prayer ascending towards the Highest One, as well as a splendid and shivering reflection of the glorious Heavens and of the merciful magnificence of God Almighty descending in our inspired minds in aweful upwards gaze and gratitude. It is at the very core of us all, and acts like a sacred beating  heart of our civilization's soul - constituting over the centuries its irreplaceable and unique treasure and canon. We dream to open a new chapter of grace and elevation in its blessed history.

Very soon you will discover here how we will create a warm, welcoming and inspiring community for composers who thirst to raise their voice in prayers.

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