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Magnus, the Founder of Composers for Beauty, is on a mission to empower beauty facilitators in music, art, and architecture for a holistic classical revival in the Western culture for the glory of God.

Through Beauty and the Faith Arts Centres, Together for Beauty Event Marketplace, and his classical crossover compositions, Magnus hopes to transcend modernism and honor the true, good, and beautiful. He is also an electric guitar player and has performed in trios with organ and violin in Norwegian churches. 

His latest concert premiered his original music together with traditional classical music and hymns, all while combining the music with beautiful visual art and reading of poetry, lyrics, and Scripture for contemplation.

Believing greater levels of collaboration across genres and art forms is one of the keys to bringing classical beauty to a wider audience, Magnus encourages more like-minded leaders in the movement to host online and local summits. He also has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign to support the first physical arts centre which will serve to share the works of new classical composers and painters.


Academy Principal



Born in Norway and growing up in various metal and rock bands, Magnus has been a lover of a wide range of music for all his life. In his twenties he developed a deep love for beautiful classical music which changed his character and brought him to faith, and since then he has been preparing to facilitate a classical revival in the West.


Since he for many years experienced the classical world from the outside, he can add understanding of how to build bridges and captivate a wider audience.


He is living in the south of Spain with his wife Tatiana



Leadership, theology and entrepreneurship.

A composer of classical music and classical crossover music, and an electric guitar improviser.


Host of the podcasts Beauty and the Faith and SDG Music Radio.

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