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Support Us

If you are a cultural entrepreneur, and art lover with some available means or an investor with flair and interested in artistic-cultural Maecenate or in purposeful Real-Estate Investment - and if, more importantly, you also place your hope and expectation in a Renaissance of the Arts in Music composition: then, you are here at the right place!

If you sense the need to amend and save our dull, greying, deshumanized and bruised world through the power and healing ignited by Beauty in particular - a divine quality always leading to the resurgence of Truth and Goodness in us all - then we will gladly welcome any support or help from you in finance, service or in natura! 

Please consider getting in touch with us to discuss support options.

Alternatively, support us financially through our first year 2024 of operations, by direct monetary donation to a Support Membership level granting your different Privilege Packages, as listed hereunder: 

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